tixxt simplifies Communication and Collaboration

tixxt – the digital home for associations & member organisations

tixxt activates your members, strengthens the external impact of your association and refines the distribution of information. Thus, new added values can be created, the agility of your association increases and your association work becomes (even) more effective.


Values for your Association

Customised and highly personalised Content Feeds

Keep your members hooked with personalised, rich and contextual content. Create a new sense of belonging with an enticing content mix combining official news and announcements with experiences and ideas from your members, behind the scenes impressions and interactive polls and questions. Post rich content, embed live Social Media content and videos, ask questions, start brainstormings and polls, schedule appointments, share files and so much more. Or show your members what they have missed by posting a photo gallery of your latest event.

Instant feedback for quick decision making

Get instant feedback or facilitate a timely decision by starting a poll or vote. Quick polls also help you identify trends, validate ideas and tap into the needs and sentiments of your members. Use brainstormings to collaboratively set an agenda for an upcoming event or to create a collaborative overview of a topic. Event scheduling helps you find the right dates and times without the hassle of emailing back and forth.

In-house Social Network for expertise & networking

tixxt is a full-fledged social network for your organisation. Everyone can easily write, share, comment and much more. You can restrict this activity into certain groups or keep all areas of your platform open for input from members and stakeholders. User profiles and the content your members share create a valuable hub for expertise and experiences.

Get members involved, anytime and anywhere

No matter what channel your members prefer, you’ll have it covered: Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Email, RSS, mobile push notifications and even automated calendar subscriptions. Deliver exactly what your members and stakeholders need. Facilitate collaboration regardless of where your members are, how tech-savvy they might be or what device they prefer using. Radically lower the barriers for participation to increase feedback and boost collaboration.


Higher acceptance

Compared to regular Intranets, tixxt reaches a four times higher acceptance with relevant partners and members of organisations.


Fewer emails

The use of a Social Intranet reduces the amount of emails sent and simplifies the communication within your organisation. (Source: Gallup, USA)


Over 80 Associations & Member Organisations trust tixxt to activate their members, to engage their members, increase impact, create new value and to boost agility.

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