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Central Hub for All Benefits & Services

Welcome to tixxt! The member platform that consolidates your communication, appointments, documents, committees, and projects in one central location.



Broadcasting Hub for All Channels

Do you want important information to reach all members, whether they are full-time or volunteers? So do we! That’s why we ensure automatic distribution across Email, Web, App & Social Media.



Toolbox for Full-time and Volunteer Work

Create new forms of participation with tixxt, for example, for your documents or in polls. With our concurrent document collaboration feature, everyone can participate from everywhere.



Exchange & Networking for Members

Especially in associations, it is challenging to make expertise and experience accessible to all members. A central networking hub provides a solution and stimulates the flow of knowledge.



Event & Participation Management

Whether it’s calendar overviews, invitations, schedule notifications, or ticketing integration, tixxt ensures efficient participation management! This saves a lot of time.

Mobile Apps


Reaching All Members Everywhere

Especially in volunteer organizations, members are located in various places. Reaching everyone is becoming increasingly important. This is achieved with the tixxt association apps.


Central Hub for All Benefits & Services

Consolidation of Information, Appointments, Documents, Committees, …

Start Page

Homepage with Tailored Info

Welcome to tixxt, the member platform for your association! The modular homepage features all relevant content – always tailored to the respective target group.


Global & Individual Search

Finding information is an issue of the past. You have an idea of which category your sought-after content falls into? Then the individual search will be your favourite! No idea and need to browse first? The global search will show you the way.


One Post - Multiple Target Groups

A central piece of information but several target groups? No problem with the individual visibility settings for posts. Write a post – select groups – done. With just one single post, all target groups are reached.

Knowledge Management

Effective Knowledge Management

A comprehensive and structured knowledge base increases the efficiency of the entire association. Questions no longer need to be answered individually, as members can access this knowledge on by themselves!


Info Pages, Documentation & Multimedia

Whether it’s about showcasing the benefits, the most important documents, or something else – the Page Creator enables the creation of individual pages and linking them within the member platform.


Broadcasting Hub for All Channels

Broadcasting Hub for All Channels


Automatic Newsletter

Individual posts can be prominently featured in the newsletter and sent out explicitly again. Different frequencies enable easy and direct distribution.

Email Digests

Intelligent Reactivation

Automatic reminder emails summarize unread content for each user and send these up to twice a week. This ensures no information is lost, and your members are reactivated.

Smartphone Mobile App

Custom Mobile Apps

A platform for everyone: With a dedicated mobile app or through a mobile browser, all members can be included – no matter whether they are in the office or volunteering, everyone is integrated.

Member Magazine

Distribution for Groups & Committees

With tixxt, different distribution lists can be easily targeted: Simply select the relevant groups and committees for the specific information, send, and done.

Aussendung Nach Social Media

Social Media Broadcasting

Post to just one tool but target multiple channels? Upon request, posts can also be broadcasted to social media. Without much effort, important information can thus be distributed directly – even beyond tixxt.


Toolbox for Full-time and Volunteer Work

Create new forms of participation

Folder Profiles

Documents, Folders, Tags, Metafields

Is your association complex, and so is your file and folder structure? No problem, because various options for file or folder profiles organize your metadata, such as contact person, document type, topic, etc.

File Locking And Versions

Lock & Version Files

Sometimes you just want to work on a file in peace – tixxt makes that possible. Afterwards, simply unlock the file and it will automatically be reversioned. This way, everyone is always up to date with the latest (file) version.


Collaborative Concurrent collaboration

It has never been easier to work on a document with others at the same time. tixxtDOCS transparently shows where everyone is currently located in the document. Changelog and suggestion mode included.

Online Meeting Rooms

Online Meeting Integration

tixxt is not a meeting software – that’s why we’ve integrated it: Whether GoTo Meeting or Teams, start your online meeting directly. Integrating other meeting tools is also no problem.

Rights And Permissions

Access Rights & Visibility

Not all members should have equal access to all information, as some matters need to be decided or articulated first. Granular permissions manage individual access for user groups.

“The more snackable our content is, the better we can stay in the minds of our members”.

CEO of an industry association with over 4,000 members representing over 85% of the industry


Exchange & Networking for Members

Leveraging Expertise & Experience for Your Network

Posts, Comments, One Click Interaction

Posts, Comments, One-Click Interaction

Arguably the most crucial feature of any community: posts and their reaction options. Whether it’s a detailed comment or marking something as interesting with just one click – this is how to engage everyone.

Member Directory

Member Directory & Expert Profiles

Who was the correct contact person regarding issue XY again? With the directory of all members and their respective expertise listed in their user profiles, the answer is quickly found.

Group Chat

Individual & Group Chats

Prefer one-on-one communication or would rather discuss the matter in a group? The chat feature allows for both. This ensures quick and easy coordination.

Chat Status And Text

Chat Status & Away Message

Available or currently busy? The chat status provides this information. Are you currently unreachable? Each person can also set an away message or a personal motto in the chat.

Polls And Surveys

Polls & Surveys

Need a quick digital “pulse check” among the members? Create a survey easily and let your association vote. Anonymous surveys for more sensitive topics are also possible.

Exchange Groups Forums

Discussion Groups, Forums

Sometimes, exchanging ideas within one’s own committee is not enough. Specially designated discussion groups and forums enable dialogue among all interested parties, regardless of their working group or committee.


Event & Participation Management

Calendar, Invitations, Notifications

Calendar Specific And For All

Global, Group, and Personal Calendars

Maintaining a calendar might not be a favourite task – but it’s important! With tixxt, it’s possible to create calendars for everyone, for each group, or even on an individual basis. Sharing one’s own calendar is also an option.

Appointment Widget

Event Widget for Everyone

This way, all members can keep an eye on association-wide events, such as the annual general meeting. Even if the event is still a few months away; include it now for everyone to see.

Edit Participations

Participation Management

Acceptances and rejections don’t always arrive via the same channel, but they can be managed centrally here. Did the confirmation come through a phone call? With one click, the event creator can enter the acceptance for that person. Exporting the attendance list is also no hassle.

Appointment Message

Schedule Notifications

Need to send a quick message to everyone who has accepted the appointment? Or a brief reminder to all invitees who haven’t yet responded? With schedule notifications, this is effortlessly possible. Sometimes, they are even worthwhile afterwards!

“tixxt helps us stay relevant. No matter how digital, mobile or busy our members are, tixxt ensures that everybody is on the same page”.

CEO of an industry association with over 4,000 members representing over 85% of the industry

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