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Member Engagement

Customised and highly personalised content feeds

Keep your members hooked with personalised, rich and contextual content. Create a new sense of belonging with an enticing content mix combining official news and announcements with experiences and ideas from your members, behind the scenes impressions and interactive polls and questions. Post rich content, embed live Social Media content and videos, ask questions, start brainstormings and polls, schedule appointments, share files and so much more. Or show your members what they have missed by posting a photo gallery of your latest event.


Create vibrant communities within your wider context

Communities are often made of many smaller communities. Set up groups for policy work, campaigns or specific topics to get work done and help members find and engage with other like-minded people in your Association’s network. Groups are categorised into sections and named to match your organisational model (policy groups, chapters, clubs, industry groups, regions, …). Content can be shared in any number of groups simultaneously to precisely target the right audiences. Comments and interactions are then shared across all groups the content is posted in. This enables instant collaboration and communication on specific topics and issues across various groups. Enable specific members to lead, manage, or moderate the groups you create by giving them granular group admin rights.

Your Secure Space for Members

Platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook don’t protect your or your members’ privacy. Instead, they own your connections, your content as well all data and insights you might create on their platforms. While they might be good for marketing and engaging new audiences, they aren’t a private space for your members under your control. Tools to manage engagement and maintain ownership of personal data ensure member trust, comfort and inclusion. tixxt is your Secure Space only your members (and specific guests/stakeholders) can access.


Automated newsletters and member reactivation

Keep your members on track and automatically reactivate members that are less engaged. Deliver automated, highly personalised smart digests on a regular basis that summarise all the relevant information and activities the members have missed. But compared to the many other digests out there, these digests only send content your users haven’t read yet. This helps you stay clear of the death spiral of irrelevance: The more important an information is, the more often you send it, just in case somebody didn’t get the memo. But members adapt to this and don’t read your info that attentively anymore. If it’s important, you’ll send it a few more times, right? So you start repeating information more and more. tixxt smart digests put an end to this and help you stay relevant.

“tixxt helps us stay relevant. No matter how digital, mobile or busy our members are, tixxt ensures that everybody is on the same page”.

CEO of an industry association with over 4,000 members representing over 85% of the industry

Increase Impact

Get everybody involved, anytime and anywhere

No matter what channel your members prefer, you’ll have it covered: Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Email, RSS, mobile push notifications and even automated calendar subscriptions. Deliver exactly what your members and stakeholders need. Facilitate collaboration regardless of where your members are, how tech-savvy they might be or what device they prefer using. Radically lower the barriers for participation to increase feedback and boost collaboration.


Collaborate on policy and increase your effectiveness

Give your policy groups a centralised home to collaborate, shorten feedback loops and to increase transparency. Help members engage with your policy work more easily to ensure a deeper understanding of the challenges your members are facing and to communicate the solutions more precisely. Clearly structured document archives, real-time document collaboration and easy confirmation processes save you and your members lots of time and speed up your work.

Supercharge your public and Social Media footprint

Make your voice heard in the cacophony of today’s media. Create groups for your PR to synchronise and fine-tune your messaging. Use these groups to collect quotes from your members for specific campaigns and develop new stories for you to tell. Collect best practices and successful campaigns to inspire your members and boost your next campaign. Getting members involved in your campaigns increases your reach, authenticity and impact.


Boost advocacy and ramp up your influence

Probably one of the most impactful changes Associations are seeing is the boost to member advocacy. Give members instant access to a hub of checklists, wording guidelines, stories and material to help them advocate your common cause. Share milestones and successes to keep up the momentum and for members to stay on track.

“The more snackable our content is, the better we can stay in the minds of our members”.

CEO of an industry association with over 4,000 members representing over 85% of the industry

Create a new Value

Interactive and always up-to-date Member Directory

Find the right experts in an instant. All members and even additional stakeholders have their own profiles, can present their skills, experiences or even the organisations they work for. Make the value of your network tangible and let members use your network to the full potential.


Appointments, Event Management & Promotion

Make your events accessible and more relevant. Schedule appointments and events and organise them in calendars for various target groups and topics. Send full invitation emails based on groups and interests including file attachments and direct RSVP links without having to login. Let members automatically sync relevant events into their private calendars and register themselves, including registration deadlines and seat limitations. Promote events in specific or general Content Feeds or even send emails to the undecided.

In-house Social Network for expertise & networking

tixxt is a full-fledged social network for your organisation. Everyone can easily write, share, comment and much more. You can restrict this activity into certain groups or keep all areas of your platform open for input from members and stakeholders. User profiles and the content your members share create a valuable hub for expertise and experiences.


“All routine tasks like sending updates, new documents and scheduling are easier and more efficient. Our project managers have a much better overview of the current status of all stakeholders”.

Michael Schwanz – Social Accident Insurance Association of Braunschweig

Boost Agility

Instant feedback and decision making

Get instant feedback or facilitate a timely decision by starting a poll or vote. Quick polls also help you identify trends, validate ideas and tap into the needs and sentiments of your members. Use brainstormings to collaboratively set an agenda for an upcoming event or to create a collaborative overview of a topic. Event scheduling helps you find the right dates and times without the hassle of emailing back and forth.


Collaborate live in documents

Edit office documents live in the browser without any further software. Cut down reaction times and let your members suggest changes and comment in any office document (documents, tables, presentations) with full compatibility to the Microsoft Office Apps. This simplifies and accelerates working on policy papers, documentations and all other documents that need input from various stakeholders. Or use the Office 365 integration and edit files with Microsoft Office Online.

Video & audio conferencing rooms

Help members get together in live meetings to discuss and collaborate. Our GoToMeeting integration provides online video & audio conferencing rooms that can be used by specific facilitators or by all members to get together in an instant. No logins to GoToMeeting are required, just schedule, start or join a meeting right out of tixxt. You can invite external stakeholders without any logins to tixxt or GoToMeeting. Further conferencing solutions can be made available upon request.


Easy yet powerful file management

Instead of having to organise your documents in various places or via email, tixxt helps you collect and structure all your important files in one place – the file manager. Files are shared for all members or in groups for specific contexts and can be structured with folders, tags or your very own metadata tailored to your organisational needs. Advanced document management features like version control, file locking and real-time document editing help you stay productive, even with vast amounts of files. Every group has its own file manager and permissions can be used to enable various collaborative use cases. Help very active collaborative groups to stay on track with daily digests on document updates for specific groups and notify stakeholders about important and urgent documents via email or push, without them having to login.

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