Member Platforms & Extranets

Potentials, benefits and results

Ongoing and meaningful interactions and easy collaboration form the core of every successful member platform. Members want to connect, instantly access relevant information and quickly join conversations and ongoing causes. Your member platform acts as a hub that members can return to again and again to access the full range of benefits your association provides.


Benefits of an interactive Member Platform


Connecting members

Bring networking with industry thought leaders, peers and experts back under your roof. Rich member profiles geared towards the informational requirements of your industry or profession and access to past conversations help your members create meaningful connections.

Broad acceptance by members

Make it easy for all your members to participate and leave nobody behind. Smart digests show members what they have missed without bugging active members with repetitive notifications of information they have already seen or acted upon.

Take back control of your data and connections

By offering your members a central, digital hub for all information, communication, networking and collaboration, you are also learning more about your members. Analyse trends, see what is moving and engaging your members and act upon it, instead of giving this valuable information away to Social Networks to monetise on your connections.


Faster & easier collaboration

Form committees and working groups, work together on topics and projects, receive feedback. Everything is documented centrally in a transparent and unambiguous manner, so all stakeholders save time.


Share, edit & find documents

Access all relevant documents in one place and ensure they are always provided in the right context and reach everyone who needs them at the right moment in time. Collaborate live on any office documents and keep all versions safely archived. Conflicts between different document versions or outdated files are now a matter of the past.

Constant improvement and development for member organisations

tixxt is the most popular solution for member organisations in Germany dedicated to member platforms and Stakeholder Engagement. Constant enhancements and improvements are made to ensure that tixxt remains the preferred solution for decentralised organisations today and in the distant future.

Capture & reuse knowledge

By communicating and collaborating on the platform, intermediate statuses and all paths to results are well documented. Discarded ideas can be revisited later, and outdated information can be updated easily.

Highest security & data protection standards

Trust is hard-earned within years, but can be lost in seconds. tixxt adheres to the highest data security standards and guarantees compliance with the EU-GDPR. This is why some of the largest and most security-sensitive associations of Europe rely on tixxt member platforms to keep their work and member data safe.

Information distribution

Information is distributed granularly by region, topic, project, committee, or even in combinations of a wide variety of topic structures. As a result, members see information in a much more personalised way.

Results driven by tixxt Member Platforms

Communication is faster and more transparent.

Posting and messaging features allow members to exchange information with each other regardless of their location and time. Questions get answered quickly and members experience a new sense of connection. The associations’ network ambiguities can be cleared up directly. Having a central hub for all communication makes it easier for members to interact during their already busy daily schedules.

Increased cooperation and collaboration participation

All association members have the opportunity to get involved in the associations’ activities – no matter how busy they may be. With a member platform, members can come together in committees, working groups and interest groups and work together on relevant topics and issues. The focus is set on teamwork and collaboration.

Higher Member participation and satisfaction

With an interactive Member Platform, members feel more involved in the associations’ activities. The transparency and interactivity of the platform have an important influence on this. Members have access to all necessary information and can express their own opinions through contributions and comments. Members are more motivated when they have the opportunity to get involved in such an uncomplicated way. They realise that the association is of particular relevance and that their opinion is heard here. The increase in member satisfaction also conveys a more positive image of the association to the outside world. According to the study “Fanfocus Germany” commissioned by forum! Marktforschung GmbH, active, satisfied members are regarded as “positive multipliers” and thus help significantly in the long-term recruitment of new members.

Processes in the association become more transparent.

Thanks to the Member Platform, all activities within the association are directly comprehensible for the members. By creating posts, new campaigns or events can be shared and disseminated. Members that could not attend a meeting do not feel left out. The results of meetings can also be made accessible to all members afterwards. At the same time, members can also use the platform to participate in the associations’ activities outside of meetings and contribute their opinions. This new transparency creates trust and makes it easier for new members to hit the ground running.

Evaluate current trends faster and easier

The transparent way of working, quick opinion and mood polls make the current climate tangible. Members or staff can participate with just one click. The poll result is presented without having to add up and evaluate the feedback from individuals manually. This helps you to react faster to the needs of your member and create new services and information to help.

tixxt drives member participation, creates a new sense of belonging and increases loyalty.

The benefits our clients experience

Success factors for your Member Platform

Members choose their preferred channel

Let members choose the channels they want to be active on, be it web app, mobile apps and email.

Integration of non-users

Non-registered members can be reached via the member platform, they receive smart digests, event invitations and all relevant information, even before they have ever logged in.

Calendars for all groups and areas

Appointment and event management including invitations, participant registration and online meeting opportunities.

Document collaboration

Work on documents live without having to email various versions back and forth. This saves huge amounts of time and stops all the frustrations of having to re-assemble documents based on different versions.

Full mobile access

Integrate into the daily lives of your members by being accessible with their fingertips. The easier it is to consume, engage and collaborate on the go, the more participation your organisation will garner from your members.

Work is only done once

Post your content once and let tixxt automatically distribute it over all internal channels: Web, mobile apps & emails.

Clear access to all documents

All documents are easily accessible at the touch of a finger. Clear structures and fast and deep search help finding relevant documents instantly. Clear file management with the versioning of documents.

Communication & exchange

Provide a new content mix of top-down information and member generated content. Make your content more engaging with quick polls, expert questions, comments and brainstormings.

Groups & sections for structured communication

Committees, projects, working groups and communities are categorised clearly. Help your members find the right group and topic to get them started on your platform.

Full branding on web and mobile apps

Transport the trust of your members onto your online platform by branding it clearly. Show your members that the association owns the communication and content and that they are safe on your Member Platform.

Safety, data privacy and control

Ensure your data stays within your organisation and that the created value is yours to use and build upon.


Over 80 Associations & Member Organisations trust tixxt to activate their members, to engage their members, increase impact, create new value and to boost agility.

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