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Determine whether tixxt is a good fit for your organisation and learn best practices and common pitfalls along the way

Are you curious to see what challenges and successes other organisations have faced? Then discover how your organisation can use tixxt and which successes can be expected as a result together with one of our experts now. If you contact us in advance, we can specifically prepare examples for your situation, so that your valuable time is invested even more effectively.


What you can expect from a Demo with tixxt

*We can only provide these components if we have a short conversation with you in advance to prepare the demo

  • To prepare for the online demo, our solution consultants will put together examples and suitable solutions from comparable organisations for you. In order to get the most relevant examples and to save time during the evaluation, we recommend that you include a few sentences about your project.
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Tips from our experts for you


Profit from our expertise to pick up potential advocates.


Bring along a few opinion leaders to get as many tricky questions out in advance as possible.


Engage in the preliminary conversation with us so that the demo has a direct relation to your demands and needs.