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Ongoing and meaningful interactions and easy collaboration form the core of every successful member platform. Members want to connect, instantly access relevant information and quickly join conversations and ongoing causes. Your member platform acts as a hub that members can return to again and again to access the full range of benefits your association provides.


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Creating New Value for Your Members

A dedicated member platform benefits more than just the association

With tixxt, you create advantages not only for the association itself but, most importantly, for your members, who benefit from the added value. The expertise and experience of the members become centrally accessible through tixxt, enabling the entire network to benefit, regardless of location and time. A significant value for members using tixxt is evident in how it lowers barriers and creates new forms of participation, allowing for easier and quicker involvement. This approach incorporates a broader range of input, from which all members benefit equally. As a result, your association becomes more attractive to new members – an advantage that benefits not only the association itself but also its members. The increase in membership further boosts engagement and shared expertise. Consequently, the knowledge flow among members becomes more effective.

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What Does tixxt Do for Associations?

Activating Members and Building Long-Term Loyalty

Your own interactive platform as an added value to association membership!

Activating members and fostering their loyalty is crucial for associations that want to leverage their influence over the long term. tixxt assists you in taking the first step in the right direction: by providing individually tailored topics, you can keep members well-informed. The information should be easily retrievable or delivered according to the specific interests of the members. With tixxt, you can regularly update your committee members: Committees often play a significant role in the association and should, therefore, always be kept up-to-date. Member engagement is also crucial for the success of the association. Surveys and mood polls are helpful in understanding the needs and objectives of your members. Based on these important insights, the strategy and structure of the association can be effectively adjusted.

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tixxt supports associations in fulfilling their primary function: being a vibrant, effective advocacy group for their members.

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Strengthen the External Impact of Your Association

Satisfied members play a key role in enhancing the reputation of your association

Maintaining your association’s competitiveness and impact requires a significant focus on strengthening its external perception. This is not just important, but essential for the successful continuation of the association. tixxt gives you control over shaping your external image. Use the platform for member acquisition by setting up guest groups for interested parties or trial memberships to pique interest in joining the association. It also facilitates the easy integration of external experts into projects. The shared expertise benefits not only the participating members but also the association as a whole. Nothing is more crucial for the reputation of your association than testimonials from enthusiastic prospects and, ideally, from members themselves. With tixxt, you maintain control over your narrative and create a modern association profile, positioning your association for an enhanced external impact.

Benefits for Your Association’s Work

Increased Interaction and Collaboration

All association members can participate in activities, regardless of location. In the member portal, members can join committees, working groups, and interest groups, collaborating on relevant topics and issues. Teamwork and collaboration are the focal points.

Faster and More Open Communication

The post and messaging functions enable members to communicate anytime, anywhere. Mobile app access allows swift responses and immediate clarification of uncertainties. This platform also enables quick contact among specific committee members, saving time compared to traditional communication methods like phone calls or emails, thus simplifying committee work.

Clearer Overview of Documents and Discussions

The member portal centralizes all association-related information. Important documents and applications are stored in a file system with subfolder options for individual groups, ensuring easy location and retrieval. A search function helps avoid repetitive work on already addressed issues.

Increased Transparency in Association Processes

The member portal immediately makes all association activities comprehensible to members. New actions or events are shared through posts, keeping members informed even if they couldn’t attend a meeting. Outcomes of meetings are also accessible afterward, allowing members to participate and express opinions outside meetings.

Higher Member Motivation and Satisfaction

The interactive platform increases member involvement. Its transparency and interactivity provide necessary information and enable expression of opinions, thereby motivating members and enhancing their satisfaction. Active, content members positively impact the association’s external image, aiding in long-term member acquisition.

More Organised Work Allocation

The association’s daily routine can be digitally organized. Appointments can be entered into a calendar accessible to all, and tasks can be divided, discussed, and implemented directly, saving time and effort.

Better Assessment of the Association's Atmosphere

The transparent workflow quickly reveals community opinions and moods, allowing timely responses to potential conflicts. Surveys can be conducted easily, with results presented clearly, facilitating quick, sentiment-based decision-making.

Networking Opportunities for Members

Personal profiles in the member portal include information about skills, specialties, and interests, facilitating member connections and the identification of experts for specific queries.

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Increase Your Association’s Agility

Direct Communication Across All Levels of the Association as a Competitive Advantage

In today’s fast-paced work environment, it’s critical for associations to stay ahead and reinforce their raison d’être. Prioritizing efficient and straightforward work in committees and voluntary roles is essential to enhance an association’s agility. tixxt supports you in meeting these challenges. For instance, it facilitates more effective handling of public inquiries and enables quicker interactions. Specially designated working groups can secure your scope of action. With tixxt, all relevant information and developments are centrally, quickly, and easily accessible, no matter where your members are located. Key statements, for example, can be edited ad hoc from any location through parallel document editing. In an agile work environment, this ability becomes a significant competitive advantage for your association.

Features Tailored to Your Association’s goals


tixxt Info-Hub

Central point of contact for all added values & services

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tixxt Engagement

Broadcast center for all channels

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tixxt Collaboration

Toolbox for full-time and voluntary work

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tixxt Events

Event & attendance management

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tixxt Community

Exchange & networking for members

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tixxt association apps

Participate in the association’s activities anytime and from anywhere

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